What does ten years of Toryism mean? Latest LSE Digital Library collection

 Political and Tariff reform posters 1892-1910 
The latest collection from the LSE Digital Library – Provides free access to some amazing posters produced for the Conservative and Unionist Party, the Labour Party, the Liberal Party, the Liberal Unionist Council and the Tariff Reform League from 1892-1910. They include caricatures of key figures such as Some of the key figures of the period that have been caricatured in these posters are Arthur Balfour (Prime Minister, 1902-1905), Henry Campbell-Bannerman (Prime Minister, 1905-1908) and Herbert Asquith (Prime Minister, 1908-1915) and coverage of topics such as tariff reform, free trade and the Boer war. See these examples!

What Does ten years of Toryism mean?

How the Tories have increased the price of Living

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