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Submit your research to the upcoming Journal of Management (JOM) Special Issue: Strategic Human Capital. Guest editors include Patrick M. Wright, University of South Carolina; Russell Coff, University of Wisconsin; and Thomas Moliterno, University of Massachusetts.

Special Issue Purpose

This special issue seeks to advance intellectual inquiry at the intersection of strategic management and the management of human capital. While the strategy and human resource management literatures acknowledge the promise that human capital holds as a source of competitive advantage, cooperation and collaboration across these literatures has been meager. As such, the primary goal of this forum is to encourage deeper theoretical and empirical exploration of human capital-based competitive advantages. Therefore, manuscripts are especially welcomed that a) are interdisciplinary and/or consider human capital at multiple levels of analysis, and b) seek to navigate new territory that has not been well explored in the extant literatures.

Research Questions

While not an exhaustive list, the following are some more specific examples of topics that this special issue is intended to highlight:

  • How does the management of human capital contribute to firm performance outside of the role of the HR functional area?
  • How does human capital challenge core constructs in strategic management?
  • How can firms purposefully create sustained competitive advantages from human capital?
  • What are the determinants of the scope and nature of human capital management processes? What determines which activities are housed within HR departments (e.g., organizational design and the theory of the firm)?
  • How does human capital emerge and interact with other forms of intellectual capital (e.g., social capital, organizational capital) to influence firm-level outcomes?

For more detailed special issue and submission information, please follow this link or visit

Deadlines and Instructions:

The deadline for submission of papers is December 15, 2012. Please submit your papers online on the Journal of Management manuscript submission website ( indicating that the work is intended for this special issue. Please be sure to follow the Submission Guidelines listed here, as well as the JOM Style Guide, which can be found here.

For more information, click here.

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