Getting Emotional About Leadership

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In today’s organizations, leaders need to adapt to constant change in dynamic work environments. The need for self-development is key to dealing with these challenges, and a new study in Human Resource Development Review (HRDR) argues that “metaskills” related to self-reflection and emotional management can help advance this development.

Paul L. Nesbit of Macquarie University published “The Role of Self-Reflection,
Emotional Management of Feedback, and Self-Regulation Processes in Self-Directed Leadership Development” in the June 2012 issue of HRDR. To see other articles in this issue, please click here.

The abstract:

This article presents and explores a framework of self-directed leadership development (SDLD) to advance conceptual understanding and practical applications for self-development approaches to development of leaders in organizations. Drawing on a diversified literature associated with experiential learning, emotion research, and social cognitive theories of change, the nature of self-development is explored. It is argued that underpinning effective self-development is the integrated operation of three metaskills—skills that are required for the development of other skills—relating to one’s ability to manage emotional reactions to feedback, to carry out effectively the practice of self-reflection, and to enact self-regulatory processes for development. The SDLD framework extends formal organization-based leadership-development practices and integrates multiple processes to aid leaders and human resource development (HRD) practitioners in the promotion and enactment of leadership self-development. The framework also provides guidance for HRD research on self-development and a number of research implications are presented.

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