Headshot of Batja Mesquita

Batja Mesquita on Culture and Emotion

Batja Mesquita, a social psychologist at Belgium’s University of Leuven where she is director of the Center for Social and Cultural Psychology, theorizes that what many would consider universal emotions – say anger or maternal love – are actually products of culture.

6 months ago

Finding Clarity for Our Most Basic Emotions

Sociologist Thomas Scheff argues that the terms for basic emotions, especially in English, are ‘wildly ambiguous.’ So he set out to determine conceptual guidelines for grief, fear/anxiety, anger, shame and pride as a step toward giving them consistent and useful academic meanings.

8 years ago

The Need for a Happy Holiday

Vacations are made for enjoyment. Seeing old friends, relaxing, sightseeing, and escaping the daily grind are all undeniably appealing. But […]

10 years ago

Life after Business Failure

What happens to entrepreneurs when their businesses fail? Get the answer in the Journal of Management review, “Life after Business […]

11 years ago

Getting Emotional About Leadership

In today’s organizations, leaders need to adapt to constant change in dynamic work environments. The need for self-development is key […]

11 years ago