Seven Ways to Get Published in Top Journals

As qualitative research increasingly gains influence in the broader academic community, it remains a challenge to get such research published in top-tier, international journals.

Quy Nguyen Huy, professor of strategy at INSEAD in Singapore, addresses this problem from the perspective of an author and a reviewer in “Improving the Odds of Publishing Inductive Qualitative Research in Premier Academic Journals,” published in the current issue of the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. Click here to view the Table of Contents.

Focusing on the unique advantages of qualitative research, this commentary examines the common mistakes that lead to rejection and offers seven concrete tips to increase the odds of getting published.

Dr. Huy summarizes in the introduction:

First, I discuss the common confusion between qualitative and quantitative research, and the related expectations for each genre. Second, I discuss some of the more common mistakes made by inductive qualitative (IQ) researchers that lead to rejection by premier journals. Third, I present some of the deeper causes that may produce these mistakes. Fourth, I propose some advice that can help improve the odds of publishing IQ studies. Finally, I lay out other benefits of doing qualitative research, even if publishing it in premier journals fails.

Read the full article here. To learn more about the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (JABS), please follow this link.

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