Football and the ‘Emotionomics’ of Mutuality

A recent study published in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly (NVSQ) looks at the mutuality model of ownership in professional football to discover valuable insights about corporate governance. Sara Ward, Thomas J. Scanlon, and Tony Hines, all of Manchester Metropolitan University, published “Mutuality Ownership Form and Professional Sports: Football” on May 16, 2012 in NVSQ, finding:

Many people own shares where the main interest is purely financial reward. Rather than a dated concept, as it is sometimes portrayed, mutuality in its revised form for football club ownership affords the opportunity to replace economics
with “emotionomics” bringing back into focus the social basis for existence…This has implications for other nonprofit organizations prioritizing social arrangements over economics. This research has identified the need for stability, community interest, common purpose, and affinity of owners with the organization as paramount concerns. This resonates with the contemporary extant corporate governance research focusing on stakeholder interest and sustainability….”

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