Book Review: The Future of Money

future-money-from-financial-crisis-public-resource-mary-mellor-hardcover-cover-artThe Future of Money: From Financial Crisis to Public Resource.
Mary Mellor; Pluto Press, 2010, 197 pp.

Read the review by Zdravka Todorova of Wright State University, published in the March 2013 issue of the Review of Radical Political Economics, now available online:

The nature of money deserves more attention. Relegated to a veil and a mere medium of exchange, the subject of money has been long trivialized in economics. Exploration about the nature of money disturbs stories about harmonious market exchange and mysterious tendencies toward economic stability and full employment. For that reason perhaps many economists do not venture that often into such explorations. RRPE_v45_72ppiRGB_150pixWMary Mellor does – while excavating the roots of the most recent global financial turmoil – focusing on the United Kingdom and the United States. Yet, her analysis is still chained to elements of a “sound finance” and commodity money paradigm, the very constructs that the author disputes in making her case for money as a public resource.

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