Positive Leadership and Employee Well-Being

JLOS_72ppiRGB_150pixWE. Kevin Kelloway, Heidi Weigand, Margaret C. McKee, and Hari Das, all of Saint Mary’s University, published “Positive Leadership and Employee Well-Being” in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies February 2013 issue. The abstract:

We report two studies examining the relationship between positive leadership behaviors and employee well-being. In the first, data from 454 nursing home employees showed that (a) a newly developed measure of positive leadership was distinct from transformational leadership and (b) positive leadership behaviors predicted context-specific and context-free well-being after controlling for transformational and abusive leadership. In the second study, data from a daily diary study (N = 26) showed that (a) positive leadership predicted positive, but not negative, employee affect and (b) positive leadership interacted with transformational leadership to predict employees positive affect.

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