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[…] “The privatization of knowledge…  is at the core of today’s struggles over intellectual property: as the role of the general intellect – based on collective knowledge and social co-operation allows a form of rent to be appropriated.” […]


[…] Open Access and the Privatisation of Knowledge Share and Enjoy: This entry was posted in Featured, Impact, International Debate, News, Public Engagement and tagged Capitalism, corporate social responsibility, crisis, democracy, disaster capitalism, Edward Snowdon, markets, neoliberalism, NSA, Philip K. Dick, Post-democratic society, Rationalization, Snowdon, social science, sociology, teaching, UK, university, US, whistle-blowers. Bookmark the permalink. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. « Who Really, Really Wants Open Access? […]


[…] Open Access and the Privatisation of Knowledge […]


[…] Blogs network « Open Access and the Privatisation of Knowledge […]

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