Four Careers for Extroverts

Remember that kid that you sat next to in class that wouldn’t be quiet?  The one that everyone thought wouldn’t be successful because he couldn’t pay attention?  Well, these days they may still be a pest in the classroom, but the job market loves their creative and outgoing personalities.

For the longest time educators have had trouble slowing down and grabbing the attention of them.  These students were known as extroverts and were often put in timeout, given detention, or just told to sit in the hallway.

However, with today’s technology and new pedagogy turning up every day it’s becoming easier to teach to these students by allowing them to learn with hands on experiments or by flipping the classroom, which gives them the opportunity to learn by their own means.  Extroverts are becoming more and more utilized and successful in the job market because of their creative thinking and outgoingness.

Is your student or child an extrovert?  Here are a few personality traits that extroverts tend to have.

  • Talkative
  • Big circle of friends
  • Enjoy the center of attention
  • Take control when in group situations
  • Prefer interacting with other people
  • Not afraid to take on new challenges

Note:  You can have these traits and not be an extrovert, but these traits are mostly found in extroverts.

Here are a few career opportunities for the extrovert who is looking for something interactive.

1)      Career:  Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant

Education: Master or Bachelor in Medical Science

This career fits perfectly for the outgoing, energetic, healthy extrovert.  A physical therapists best tool after education is their ability to converse and interact with their clients.  Most people who are in for physical therapy tend to be emotionally down because of the realization that they have to change around everyday routines due to their energy.  What’s a better career than physically helping and cheering people up every day?  Extensive education as a doctor of physical therapy may be needed for this career.

2)      Career:  Marketing Manager

Education: A degree in Marketing Management

This career can sound very vague and boring.  However, when you days are spent being as creative and fun as you want them to be to get your clients name out there, then you won’t worry about the job title.  Creativity, interpersonal communication, new challenges, and team work.  This career choice fits all of the extrovert’s personality characteristics.

3)      Career:  Teacher

Education: A degree in Education.  Most candidates with a master in educational leadership are standing out

The only down fall of this career is the pay.  However, there is no job out there that is perfect for a person who is outgoing and enthusiastic like being a teacher.  A career in which every day you get to choose how much actual work you put in and have almost complete creative control.  Bonus, you get to help encourage and shape the children of the future.

4)      Career:  Emergency Medical Technician

Education: Online courses are available, but an in person degree in Paramedic Science is preferred

Here is a career that is absolutely perfect for an extrovert.  Every day you go to work not knowing exactly what is going to happen.  Your work day is full of helping individuals and an extroverts interpersonal skill are much needed for those situations that most would see as stressful, but are considered an adrenaline rush to an extrovert.

Extroverts WERE seen by employers as someone that will have trouble paying attention in the workplace, but with the workplace moving ever quickly extroverts are starting to be considered very valuable people.  With the correct education extroverts won’t have a problem talking themselves into any career.


Career:  Actor

Education:  None or a degree in Film or Acting

This is a dream job for some extroverts.  Here is a job where you can be whatever you want to be and at times you even get to be someone else.  Warning:  This career path may end up in restaurant management.

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