Month: March 2014

Charles M. Russell painting ofm a cattle roundup

Round-up of Social Science Research

The following article is drawn from SAGE Insight, which spotlights research published in SAGE’s more than 700 journals. The article linked […]

6 years ago
Human testing

Publication Ethics and Biomedical Imperialism

Applying ethics to social science research can raise as many issues as it answers. A new set of guidelines on which Robert DIngwall consulted gives clarity in some cases like manipulation of images and duplicate publication but leaves some other controversies unsettled.

6 years ago

Where is UK Government Getting Its Research?

Anyone under the impression that universities are the dominant suppliers to the United Kingdom government of commissioned research, advice, and knowledge, think again. Open data on government spending shows the relative dominance of other suppliers and mediators of knowledge to government – not least the private sector and think tanks. Simon Bastow presents some preliminary government-wide data.

6 years ago
Steven Pinker

In Conversation With… Steven Pinker

Oliver Burkeman explores human nature, violence, feminism and religion with one of the world’s most controversial cognitive scientists. Can he dent Steven Pinker’s optimism?

6 years ago
Cora Marrett

NSF Chief Presents Budget to House Thursday

The Executive Branch’s proposed budget for NSF in the coming fiscal year will be presented to the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday. A competing spending plan that would be markedly less friendly to social, behavioral and economic science is already circulating.

6 years ago
Government Shutdown rally

Sequestering Speech: Stories of the Shutdown

Thousands of scientists across the US feel cutbacks are seriously restricting their research and contributions. Gretchen Goldman asks scientists for their reaction and about impact on their work

6 years ago
Blunders of our Government book cover

King and Crewe’s Book of ‘Blunders’ a Paddy Prize Winner

‘The Blunders of Our Governments,’ co-authored by the president of the Academy of Social Sciences, Ivor Crewe, and fellow political scientist Anthony King, has been named the Practical Politics Book of the Year in Britain’s annual Paddy Power Political Book Awards.

6 years ago