Month: March 2014

Universities Behaving Badly

Derek Bok has called on universities to be ‘ethical beacons’ shining out in their communities, but that shine is tarnished in oh-so-many ways in institutions of higher education around the world, notes Professor Sir David Watson.

6 years ago
Illinois gay marriage protester

Amicus Curiae: Friend of the Court, Friend of the Academy

A friend of the court brief just filed by the American Sociological Association in defense of legalizing gay marriage offers a perch for observing how scholarly organizations sometimes weigh in when matters of public policy reach the courtroom.

6 years ago
Univerity of Nottingham library

Fake Papers are Not the Real Problem in Science

Hoax papers, whether meant as a corrective demonstration or for more malign purposes, are a high-profile issue in academic publishing. But Achilleas Kostoulas argues that something more pernicious derived from a ‘culture of accountability’ is dogging the industry.

6 years ago
Slide from Innovation Deficit video

Include Me In: Social Sciences and the Innovation Deficit

With a little more wiggle room in the U.S. budget this year, proponents of strong federal support for R&D and higher education are trying to get their message out about America’s lagging innovation. Social science and the STEM fields are making common cause in the campaign.

6 years ago
Old drawing of educated man writing

How to Carefully Choose Useless Titles for Academic Writing

An informative title for an article or chapter maximizes the likelihood that your audience correctly remembers enough about your arguments to re-discover what they are looking for. Without embedded cues, your work will sit undisturbed on other scholars’ PDF libraries, or languish unread among hundreds of millions of other documents on the Web. That must be what what we want, based on on what we do.

6 years ago

Trying to Improve Marketing Education?

Interested in developing your marketing instruction? Check out the Journal of Marketing Education‘s new Editor’s Choice collection titled “Evidence-Based Methods […]

6 years ago