Round-up of Social Science Research

The following articles are drawn from SAGE Insight, which spotlights research published in SAGE’s more than 700 journals. All the articles linked to below are free to read for a limited period.

Predictors of mobile sexting among teens: Toward a new explanatory framework

Mobile Media & Communication

The aim of this study was to generate and test hypotheses supporting emancipation as a framework for considering adolescent sexting.

Amanda Knox – from villain to victim on Wikipedia

Language and Literature

This article lifts the lid on Wikipedia’s potential as a resource for narrative scholars.

Arts and Humanities in Higher Education

Arts and Humanities in Higher Education

This special issue brings together leading thinkers to reflect on the prominent Humanists with whom they have worked and who inspired them. These exemplary essays and case studies both resonate with and bear out many of the claims of the Harvard ‘Mapping the Humanities’ report.

Living in mixed communities makes ethnic minorities feel British


People from minorities are more likely to feel part of Britain when their neighbors are from different ethnic backgrounds

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