Month: September 2014

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Proof Over Promise: Finding An Impact Factor for Your Career

Publishing in a high-impact journal carries the implicit promise that somehow an individual article also will be highly cited. But the proof of this logic remains unsubstantiated. How about measuring career impact more than journal impact? The authors offer one option they’ve developed.

8 years ago
Jennifer Eberhardt

Stanford’s Eberhardt Receives MacArthur Fellowship

A social psychologist whose work examines how racial bias–unconscious but still present–impacts Americans’ perceptions and reactions to crime is one of 21 new recipients of the MacArthur ‘genius award.’

8 years ago

Maybe We Should Just Pay Peer Reviewers

An experiment on economists looked at offering small stipends for reviewers, as well as tighter deadlines and dollop of public shaming. Which worked, and could this have implications beyond this field and this journal? Max Nathan discusses.

8 years ago
Percent mature in UK undergrads

In the UK, Are Student Populations Growing Older?

In an article from The Conversation’s ‘Hard Evidence’ series, Lancaster’s Jill Johnes looks at the numbers and finds the more mature undergraduate population has grown slowly, but with a spike this year.

8 years ago