Month: September 2014

Researcher and reporter

Building Buzz Really Is a Good Career Move

Tweeting and talking to reporters sure must be a good thing for boosting buzz about researchers’ work and then ultimately their careers, right? A new study says absolutely, but it also questions the benefits of some other career-boosting activities.

8 years ago

What is “Double-Loop” Coaching?

In recent years, interest in coaching has grown significantly and a number of techniques have been explored. But what is “double-loop […]

8 years ago
Unruly PhD cover

Book Review: The Unruly PhD

There is a greater world beyond the academia, and that it is OK to pursue alternative paths, Revecca Peabody writes in her new book about negotiating the journey to obtain a PhD and the twisting path to deploy it.

8 years ago

Whither Small Data?

The rapid growth and impact of big data has led some to ponder whether big data might lead to the demise of small data, noted Rob Kitchin in an excerpt from his new book, The Data Revolution. But that ignores the benefits and beauties that small data deliver.

8 years ago