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Race to remain important variable in social science research, says Saifuddin – Bernama
The Malaysian Insider

Race will continue to be an important variable in social science research but other variables like gender, age, region, family background, religion and so on should be considered as well, said Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) CEO Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.


Bigger role for social science research
The Straits Times

Fresh challenges of social transformation and evolving markets cannot be met by technological solutions alone. Many issues call for an interdisciplinary approach, like shaping complex policies to cater to a diversified population, or shaping culturally value-added products for global marketplaces, or delivering “personalised medicine” – customised healthcare that takes into account social attitudes and behaviour.


The Social Science of Love
Golden Age of Gaia

The author of this article states ‘Love is what makes a world work for everyone’. To find a new approach, he calls for a new social science of love.


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