Month: May 2015

Train wreck

The Cultural Roots of the Latest Big Retraction

Social psychology has seen more than its fair share of all of ethical lapses, argues Jonathan Borwein, who notes it’s been described as a ‘train wreck.’ What are the deeper causes and implications of this most recent case of fraud in the social sciences?

9 years ago
Tone dials

What’s Wrong With Academic Freedom in the UK?

Given the ferocity of the current assault on academic freedom, argues Daniel Nehring, it seems to me that we may be close to a point of no return, past which ‘tone of voice policies’ and similar control mechanisms may become a norm into which coming generations of academics will be socialized as a matter of course.

9 years ago
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

Stories of Research to Reality: Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

New York University’s Bruce Bueno de Mesquita uses game theory to model complex decision making – “by the way, that is the hard science,” he says – which in turn demonstrates how social science really can matter in real life.

9 years ago

Giving Reviewers Some Credit: The R-index

Peer review is flawed, and a new index proposes a simple way to create transparency and quality control mechanisms. Shane Gero and Maurício Cantor believe that giving citable recognition to reviewers can improve the system by encouraging more participation but also higher quality, constructive input, without the need for a loss of anonymity.

9 years ago
John Nash

The Game Theorist: John Nash, 1928-2015

The impact of John Nash’s initial work has been immense over the past 65 years. It seems certain that in his absence, the frameworks and mathematical language he refined and developed will continue to provide new insights into a diverse range of problems.

9 years ago
Janet Norwood

Data, Democracy, and Janet Norwood

Making decisions without data soils the public policy process with ideology, partisan politics, and misinformation, all things the late Janet Norwood abhorred. Her voice, commitment, and professionalism will be sorely missed.

9 years ago
Deborah Rupp

Stories of Research to Reality: Deborah Rupp

The scientific study of fairness in the workplace engages Purdue’s Deborah Rupp. Hear her explain her cutting-edge social science work, its applications to the real world, and why we should fund such work.

9 years ago