Month: May 2015

Emile Durkheim

Steven Lukes on Durkheim

In this Social Science Bites podcast, social theorist Steven Lukes tells interviewer Nigel Warburton how Émile Durkheim’s exploration of issues like labor, suicide and religion proved intriguing to a young academic and enduring for an established one.

7 years ago
Amoxin pills

Antibiotic Resistance – Missing the Point?

There is no point in improving the innovation pipeline for antibiotics, argues Robert Dingwall, if the drugs that come out at the end all fall into the same chaotic patterns of use as today.

7 years ago
Paula Kantor

Taliban Kills Social Scientist in Hotel Attack

Paula Kantor, an American social scientist working to improve the lot of women and children in Afghanistan, was among 13 civilians killed Thursday in an attack on a guesthouse in Kabul.

7 years ago
Men in Grey

The Never-Ending Audit®

In a society in which the remit of critical public debate is  narrowing, in which protest and dissent are increasingly being criminalised, in which public space is being supplanted by private and commercial space, and in which the meaning of democracy is now altogether questionable, critically and politically engaged scholars may come to be figures of suspicion.

7 years ago