Month: June 2015

You’d Like PowerPoint If You Only Used It Right

It’s a poor workman who blames his tools, argue two proponents of the ‘proper’ use of PowerPoint in the classroom. And here they offer tips on how to use the dread Microsoft product well.

8 years ago
Office Worker with Mountain of Paperwork

Let’s Streamline Consent for Reasearch

It is evident then that building trust and creating relationships is what volunteers want as the mainstay of good research practice, not extra forms or excessive levels of data protection by researchers.

8 years ago

New Prize Awards Attempts at a More Open Social Science

A high-profile political science study on same-sex marriage views in the U.S. that was determined to be fraudulent is the latest case exposing the need for incentive structures that make academic research open, transparent, and replicable. Temina Madon shares the launch of prizes run by the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences to promote more open practices.

8 years ago
Tenure comic from Jorge Cham

Preserving Academic Freedom When Tenure Is Tenuous

Cathy Sandeen, chancellor of University of Wisconsin Colleges and the University of Wisconsin-Extension, argues that universities need to be more honest on how academic freedom applies to different teaching roles in an environment where tenure is no longer a given.

8 years ago
Relevance of PoliSci cover

Book Review: The Relevance of Political Science

A new collection engages directly with how political science can achieve wider relevance as a discipline. Matt Wood finds ‘The Relevance of Political Science’ a must read for any scholar interested in the impact debate and he welcomes a return to the more social constructivist ideas of impact through teaching and learning.

8 years ago
Peter Singer

Let’s Un-Invite the Idea of Disinvitations

When people with well-known, if controversial, ideas are disinvited from speaking engagements just because those known views bother some people who know how to send email or to tweet, something is very wrong, argues Russell Blackford.

8 years ago

Social Science in the News

Cutting social science funding stalls future innovation The Hill (blog) Gutting funding for social and behavioral science research in favor […]

8 years ago