Round-up of Social Science Research

The following articles are drawn from SAGE Insight, which spotlights research published in SAGE’s more than 800 journals. The articles linked below are free to read for a limited period.


Interpersonal conflict is the strongest predictor of community crime and misconduct
Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency

Neighborhoods with more interpersonal conflict, such as domestic violence and landlord/tenet disputes, see more serious crime according to this study.


‘’ and Obama’s model of open government
European Journal of Social Theory

This article explores the implications of responsibilization, outsourcing, and commodification on notions of civic duty and the implicit contract between representatives and those represented within a liberal democracy.


Special Issue: Assessing the Trajectory and Challenges of the Sociology of Sport
International Review for the Sociology of Sport

This special anniversary issue reflects on the trajectory, challenges, and likely future directions of the sociology of sport.


The media’s role in lawmaking
The International Journal of Press/Politics

This study focuses on the role of media in the legislative process by building on the insights of previous studies in the field of media and politics.


Changing face of language learning
Special Issue of RELC Journal

This edition of the journal includes a number of papers that examine issues and practices that are influencing approaches to language teaching in the 21st century.


Negative mood, learning goal orientation, psychological empowerment and creative behavior in the work context
Human Relations

This study formulates test hypotheses about likely moderators of the relationship between negative mood and creative process engagement.


Media usage and self-objectification in young women
Psychology of Women Quarterly

This study examined (a) the relationship between the usage of different media types  and self-objectification among young women, (b) whether appearance comparison tendencies in general mediated any observed relationships, and (c) whether appearance comparisons to specific types of women on Facebook mediated any relationship between Facebook usage and self-objectification.


Breaking them in or eliciting their best? Reframing socialization around newcomers’ authentic self-expression
Administrative Science Quarterly

This paper proposes an alternative view of organizational socialization that addresses the basic needs of both organizations and newcomers.


Audio Storytelling: Unlocking the Power of Audio to Inform, Empower and Connect
Asia Pacific Media Educator

This article examines an initiative designed to advance the use of audio storytelling in educational contexts.

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