Month: November 2015

SBST team meets Obama

Welcoming the American ‘Nudge Unit’

The White House’s Social and Behavioral Sciences Team has done an impressive job so far in using small, inexpensive changes to make federal policies better serve citizens.

7 years ago

Social Science in the News

Social-science papers cite more references than physical-science papers Concord Monitor Here the web comic Ph.D. shows the surprising result that […]

7 years ago

Food Banking and Hunger in the United States

[We’re pleased to welcome Michael Elmes of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Professor Elmes published an article entitled “Food Banking, Ethical Sensemaking, and Social Innovation in […]

7 years ago
Alan Finkel

There’s Life Beyond STEM: A Plea from Australia

Academia has long recognized that wicked problems require cross-disciplinary research approaches, yet Australia’s Science and Research Priorities enthrall mainly STEM researchers. This divide puts academia back into silos: those on the sunny side of funding decisions and those under a constant rain cloud.

7 years ago
STEM science icons

Improving STEM and Attracting Students through Cognitive Science

There’s a lot of handwringing over the STEM gap in US education, and new paper in the ‘Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences’ finds that how STEM is taught underlies some of the challenges. But cognitive science may offer some help

7 years ago