Month: November 2015

Looking in mirror

The Image-Driven University

While academics have not just recently become image-conscious, noted Daniel Nehring, the increasing infiltration by corporate interests into universities is changing the face of what that consciousness results in.

4 years ago
Charles M. Russell painting ofm a cattle roundup

Round-up of Social Science Research

The following articles are drawn from SAGE Insight, which spotlights research published in SAGE’s more than 800 journals. The articles linked below […]

4 years ago

James Wilsdon on the 2015 Spending Review

The Campaign for Social Science welcomes the relative protection given to the science budget in the spending review, says its chair, James Wilsdon, but it’s premature to see this as a good outcome for the long term health of the UK’s research base.

4 years ago
teacher in classroom

The Value Added by Universities Exceeds Their Constituent Services

Academics do not simply teach and do research: they are teacher-researchers, notes Steve Fuller. In reviewing the UK spending review, he says, it is the value added to society by nurturing this complex role that should be at the forefront of the state’s thinking about the criteria used to fund universities.

4 years ago

10 Stories of Social Science’s Impact on Society, Circa 2065

Over the next 10 weeks Social Science Space will present the 10 shortlisted essays written by young social scientists look at how social science might change the world in the next half century. The overall winner was James Fletcher of King’s College London, whose essay “CITY Inc,” imagines what the London of 2065 will look like. His vision – a city transformed into a fifth state by the impact of social sciences and finance.

4 years ago
Pro-science protest

Will the UK Government Listen to Nurse Review?

Scientists in the UK are facing great uncertainty ahead of the Conservative government’s comprehensive spending review on November 25. Not only is funding for UK research under threat, the government is believed to be planning on culling many of the agencies that fund research in an effort to make savings.

4 years ago
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