Month: February 2016

Testing a Hypothesis? Be Upfront About It and Win $1,000

Both researchers and publishers are drawn to interesting results, and at times research bends itself to achieve those results — regardless of what hypothesis was originally under scrutiny. We must hold ourselves accountable to decisions made before seeing the data, argues David Mellor, who introduces a new prize for scholars who preregister their research.

6 years ago
Gordian knot

One Size Does Not Fit All

Current efforts to solve wicked problems with a quick dusting of data are unlikely to result in socially useful answers. Luckily, there are innovative people and initiatives using a variety of methods to home in on real solutions.

6 years ago

NSF’s Three “Sensational Surveys” Survive and Thrive

This election season, spare a thought for the travails of the American national Election Study and two other data-rich surveys promoted — and protected — by the National Science Foundation’s Social, Behavioral and Econoic directorate.

6 years ago
Zika virus poster from CDC

Zika – What Are the Real Lessons from Ebola?

Another disease in the tropics has the World Health Organisation in a lather, and again biomedicine’s response will not be all that useful in the short term. Social science can help now to address the underlying problems that help the Zika virus to spread — if policymakers will listen.

6 years ago