The Impact of Family Management on Firm Technological Innovation


Does family involvement in management impact the technological innovation of a firm? In a recent article published in Family Business Reviewentitled “Technological Innovation Inputs, Outputs, and Performance: The Moderating Role of Family Involvement in Management,” authors Julio Diéguez-Soto, Monsterrat Manzaneque, and Alfonso A. Rojo-Ramírez suggest that family management can hinder the research and development linked to firm technological innovation. The abstract for the paper:

The aim of this research is to study the moderating role of family management in the relationships between the intensity of research and development and the occurrence of continuous technological innovation and between the existence of technological innovation outcomes and long-term firm performance. The results show that family FBR_C1_revised authors color.inddmanagement reduces efficiency in the conversion of research and development expenses into technological innovation outcomes over time. Our findings also suggest that the influence of family management significantly contributes to improving the effect of the achievement of technological innovation on long-term performance.

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