Month: April 2017

health roadmap

New ‘Roadmap’ Shows Path to Better British Health

A new report from the Campaign for Social Science argues that behavioral approaches — both at an individual and an institutional level – can and must be part of the attempt to improvement health and the NHS.

6 years ago
Anonymous marcher

Fake News Reveals Truths About Our Digital Age

‘By looking more closely at how fake news moves and mobilizes people, we can develop a richer picture of not only how much it circulates where, but also why it circulates and how it resonates amongst different publics.’

6 years ago

Making Sense of Society: Ruben Schneider

Ruben Schneider, who is ethnographically exploring the interactions of ‘global’ conservation alliances and local communities, describes his passion in this essay for the ESRC.

6 years ago
Anti-deportation demonstrator

Making Sense of Society: Caoimhe Ryan

In the wake of recent divisive political campaigns, argues Caoimhe Ryan in this essay, it is vital that we not lose sight of important examples of inclusion and support.

6 years ago
Old painting of schoolroom_opt

Making Sense of Society: Ruth Puttick

Are we paying enough attention to ostensible philanthropy that influences what goes on in British schools? We should, argues Ruth Puttick in this essay.

6 years ago

Honoring Two Unsung Heroes of the Federal Statistical System

Howard Silver looks at two distinguished individuals who have toiled for long periods of time in an area that receives attention only from those who understand the importance of data and statistics to the well-being of a democratic state

6 years ago