Month: April 2017

Ethics on scrabble board_opt

Unpacking the Ethics of Research on Sexual Assault

Why does it matter if research is ethical or not? And what steps could or should have been taken to ensure that issues such as those the Australian Human Rights Commission now faces — in a case related to well-intentioned research into sexual assault — are avoided?

3 years ago

Making Sense of Society: Siobhan Maderson

In developing wise policy, we ignore local environmental knowledge at our peril, writes Siobhan Maderson in her essay about the interaction of bees, beekeepers, and government.

3 years ago

In Search of Conservative Sociology

As sociology has drifted further and further from any conservative touchstones, argues Robert Dingwall, it has become less and less able to understand the society that provides its subsistence.

3 years ago
Immigrant support

Making Sense of Society: Vanessa Hughes

Concepts of mobility, citizenship and belonging are morphing in a time of widespread immigration. In this essay, Vanessa Hughes uses the case of a specific London resident to explore these themes.

3 years ago
Scott Atran

Scott Atran on Sacred Values

In this Social Science Bites podcast, anthropologist Scott Atran describes how ‘sacred values’ prove remarkably immune to negotiation and can empower vicious terrorism or victorious revolution.

3 years ago