Month: June 2017

Celebrating the First 50 Social Science Bites Podcasts

Social Science Bites, a series of interviews with leading social scientists, reached a milestone with its 50th podcast — Gary King on Big Data Analysis — in March 2017. This Storify of tweets presents a memorable quote from each of those first 50 interviews.

5 years ago
Social Science news bulletin

Washington and Social Science: Trump Science Cuts DOA?

On May 5, Congress finally cleared the fiscal year 2017 spending bill package, which included increases for the National Institutes of Health and flat funding for the National Science Foundation. Weeks later, President Trump unveiled his fiscal year 2018 budget, which includes sweeping cuts to NIH, NSF and federally-funded science research and education.

5 years ago
Polling place

Leadership and the UK General Election 2017

For social scientists, there must be a concern that a generation’s worth of accumulated empirical evidence on effective leadership has made so little impact on the candidates in the upcoming General Election in the United Kingdom.

5 years ago
Mary Bosworth

Mary Bosworth on Border Criminology

Border criminology, Mary Bosworth details in this Social Science Bites podcast, is trying to understand both things that are happening at the border but also things that are happening in our criminal justice system.

5 years ago