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SAGE is a global independent academic publisher committed to the mission of building bridges to knowledge. Authors will find that SAGE publishes more than 1,000 journals spanning the humanities, social sciences, medicine, life sciences and engineering and material sciences. With such a wide variety of journals to choose from, it will be useful for you to know what benefits there are of publishing with SAGE. So we are pleased to help you in your search for the natural home for your research.

Jennie Atkinson
Jennie Atkinson is a senior publishing editor for STM Journals at SAGE
  1. SAGE has a number of flexible publication options, including subscription journals which offer open access options, and fully open access journals ( SAGE Journals provides information on all of our titles, and prospective authors can find out about key reasons to publish in each journal by visiting its homepage.
  2. All SAGE journals adhere to our high quality editorial and peer review policies. We aim for timely peer review and publication, with high production standards, and journals published by SAGE include a statement on authorship and the journal’s peer review policy. If you want to know more about publishing in a particular journal, you should read through the manuscript submission guidelines first. SAGE has created a timeline to guide you through publishing an article: 
  3. By publishing in one of our journals, you as an author will benefit from our strong international reputation and reach, ensuring your article is discoverable globally once published. Our online presentation of a journal has been designed with the author and reader in mind, with article metrics so authors can find out who is talking about and sharing their work. SAGE also works with Figshare, an online open repository that is used for the majority of our journals’ supplementary materials and data.
  4.  SAGE is an international publisher and our articles are read throughout the world. Our in-house marketing and sales activities push content out to new communities and markets worldwide. This benefits our authors, as we ensure that their papers reach a global audience. SAGE works with international societies, associations and organisations such as research4life to ensure that journals are accessible in developing countries.
  • After your article is published, SAGE will provide you with a link to the final article via an e-print, as well as hints, tips and numerous tools to help you promote your own article. Read through the ‘promote your article’ page for guidance on this.

Don’t forget to visit our top reasons to publish for more information.

The SAGE Author Gateway can provide general information on SAGE’s policies and processes so do consult it, and remember that we are always here to support you.

For more information on SAGE’s Author Gateway, click here.

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