Call to Action for Social Scientists: UCL Study on Research Practices

Much has been discussed in recent years about research practices in social sciences. Debates around acceptable research practices has sometimes been contentious, but has centered around ways to make social science more transparent, credible, replicable, and where the soundness of research is celebrated as well as the novelty of results. Yet factors that influence the use of some research practices remain largely unknown. 

To address this issue, Professor Ana Guinote and PhD student Kyoo Hwa Kim of University College London (UCL) recently launched a 10-15 minute survey as part of a pre-registered project investigating factors influencing research practices among social scientists in the United States and the United Kingdom. They aim to reach a wide range of academics in all disciplines within the social sciences. They welcome PhD holders producing work for peer review in social sciences, who conduct empirical (quantitative, statistical) hypothesis testing studies to share their candid views.

Participants’ honest and realistic answers will greatly help these researchers identify trends in research practices. The survey is simple and accessed via an online link, and all data will be completely anonymous. Participation is fully voluntary, and this project has ethics approval from UCL.

The survey will close 31 August.

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Kyoo Hwa Kim

Kyoo Hwa Kim is a PhD student in experimental psychology at University College London, Before returning to academe, she spent 15 years as an interest rate trader in the banking industry,

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