Academy of Social Sciences Names 73 New Fellows for 2020

October 19, 2020

The Academy of Social Sciences, Britain’s national academy of academics, learned societies and practitioners in the social sciences, has named 73 new Fellows for 2020.

The Academy’s Fellowship is made up of distinguished individuals from academic, public and private sectors, across the full breadth of the social sciences. Through leadership, applied research, policymaking and practice, they have helped to address and deepen understanding of some of the toughest challenges facing our society and the world.

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This year’s cohort ranges from the former head of Nesta, Sir Geoff Mulgan CBE – described as one of the UK’s most prominent social innovators and public intellectuals, to Siobhan Campbell, head of the Department for Transport’s Central Research Team and deputy chief scientific adviser. Also named a fellow was the man who launched Social Science’s Space in 2011, Ziyad Marar – we detail his story in a separate post.

The academy, a community of some 90,000 social scientists, is composed of approximately 1,400 individual Fellows, 46 member learned societies, and a number of affiliates.

This year’s class of Fellows is named below:

Catia Montagna | Jaffrey Chair of Political Economy at Aberdeen University

Heather Rolfe | Former head of research at Demos and director of About Research Ltd

Susan Golombok | Directorof the Centre for Family Research at Cambridge University

Michael Kenny | Professor of public policy at Cambridge University

Graham Martin | Director of research for The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute at Cambridge University

Aoife McDermott | Professor of human resource management at Cardiff University

Jonathan Morris | Associate dean for research at Cardiff University

Richard Walker | Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at City University of Hong Kong

Rory Fitzgerald | Director of the European Social Survey (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) at City, University of London Professor

Nigel Campbell | Head of Delivery Analysis Team and Defra Covid Data, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Gemma Harper | Director (acting) for Food Vulnerability, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Siobhan Campbell | Head of Central Research Team and Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Transport

Frances Bowen | Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Social Sciences at East Anglia University

Jeremy Neathey | Director of strategy, Economic and Social Research Council

Tobias Kelly | Professor of political and legal anthropology at Edinburgh University

Susan McVie | Professor of quantitative criminology at Edinburgh University

Suma Athreye | Professor of technology strategy at Essex University

Matthew Woollard | Director of the UK Data Archive at Essex University

Susan Banducci | Professor of politics at Exeter University

Crispin Shore | Professor of anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London

Hui Lin | Dean of the School of Geography and Environment at Jiangxi Normal University, China

Diamond Ashiagbor | Professor of Law at Kent University

Bobby Duffy | Director of The Policy Institute at King’s College London

Christoph Meyer| Professor of European and International Politics at King’s College London

Paul Baker | Professor of English Language at Lancaster University

Charlie Lewis | Professor of family and developmental psychology at Lancaster University

Irena Grugulis | Professor of work and skills at Leeds University

John Goodwin | Professor of sociology and sociological practice at Leicester University

Lucinda Platt OBE | Professor of social policy and sociology at London School of Economics and Political Science

Ruth Boaden | Professor of service operations management at Manchester University

Bridget Byrne | Professor of sociology at Manchester University

Jackie Carter | Professor of statistical literacy at Manchester University

David Gadd | Professor of criminology at Manchester University

Natalie Shlomo | Professor of social statistics at Manchester University

Maja Zehfuss | Professor of international politics at Manchester University

Eleonore Kofman | Professor of gender, migration and citizenship at Middlesex University

Gillian Prior | Director of surveys, data and analysis for National Centre for Social Research

Karl Wilding | Chief executive of National Council for Voluntary Organisations

Waheed Nazir | Former director of planning and regeneration at Birmingham City Council and chief executive of NCL Development

Claire Annesley | Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at New South Wales University

Fiona Matthews | Professor of epidemiology at Newcastle University

John Pendlebury | Professor of urban conservation at Newcastle University

John Wilson | Pro vice-chancellor, business and law at Northumbria University

Kate Nation | Professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University

Sheena Asthana | Professor of health policy at Plymouth University

Christina Silver | Director of Qualitative Data Analysis Services

Martin Laffin | Professor of public policy and management at Queen Mary University of London

Katy Hayward | Reader in sociology at Queen’s University Belfast

David Phinnemore | Professor of European politics at Queen’s University Belfast

Yipeng Liu | Professor of management and organisation studies at Reading University

Karin von Hippel | Director general of Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies

Ziyad Marar | President of global publishing at SAGE Publishing

Jackie Harrison | Professor of public communication at Sheffield University

Damian Hodgson | Professor of organisation studies at Sheffield University

Kate Reed | Professor of sociology at Sheffield University

Andrea Cornwall | Pro-director, research and enterprise at SOAS University of London

Anthony Elliott | Dean of external engagement at South Australia University

David Owen | Professor of social and political philosophy at Southampton University

Peter Geraghty | Director of planning and transport at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

Iain Docherty | Dean of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Stirling University

Sheila Dow | Emeritus professor of economics at Stirling University

James Fairhead | Professor of social anthropology at Sussex University

Rob White | Distinguished professor of criminology at Tasmania University

Jacqui Gabb | Professor of sociology and intimacy at The Open University

Hugh Ellis | Policy director at Town and Country Planning Association

Claire Colomb | Professor of urban studies and planning at University College London

Harry Dimitriou | Director, OMEGA Centre of Mega Infrastructure and Development at University College London

Daniel Miller | Professor of anthropology at University College London

Maxine Molyneux | Professor of sociology at University College London

Sir Geoff Mulgan CBE | Former Chief Executive of Nesta and professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation at University College London

Richard Simmons | Former chief executive of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment and visiting professor at University College London

Phil Macnaghten | Personal chair in technology and international development at Wageningen University; and Research, Netherlands

Akwugo Emejulu | Professor of sociology at Warwick University

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