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June 1, 2021 1899

To fully understand and manage any trend or concern of public import and public interest, it is vital to take an interdisciplinary approach to learning and research, drawing on the best thinking on the subject – not just the discipline. In pursuit of that, SAGE Publishing – the parent of Social Science Space – has been creating a series of microsites that tap the spectrum of research on areas of public interest to help researchers pursue knowledge outside of their usual silos and the non-specialist public to acquaint themselves with the latest scholarship on a topic. 

The list below links to microsites of SAGE-published scholarship on subjects ranging from burgeoning trends, such as Big Data and longer lifespans, to pernicious problems such as structural racism and sexual harassment.

Aging Population

As life expectancy increases, so too do aging populations. The number of people aged over 60 years has tripled since 1950 and exceeded 960 million in 2017, with estimates that the number will reach 2.1 billion by 2050. This has significant impacts on all areas of society, and as such is an important area of research. Aging is a multidisciplinary topic covering a diverse range of subjects including healthcare, employment, social policy, sociology, and even media studies.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI industry could top $1 trillion in 2018 and almost $4 trillion by 2022. As well as being a feat of engineering and computing there are a significant amount of social and moral implications that need to be considered. This microsite brings together cutting edge research across many of these disciplines to help bridge the gap between the mechanical and technical elements of AI with the philosophical and ethical questions that it raises.

Big Data

Big Data can generally be defined as “extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations.” Researchers often think of big data in terms of the ‘Three Vs’: Volume, Velocity, and Variety. Across multiple disciplines, there has often been some debate as to what big data really is.


Britain’s departure from the European Union, known as Brexit, continues to be a topic of vital interest within academia and to society at large. Since the 2016 referendum research and debate has focused on the impact on politics, the economy, trade, migration, labor, healthcare and daily life.

Climate Change

Climate change is a topic of vital interest to academia and to society at large. The rise in average global temperatures and environmental, economic and socio-political impacts that rise leads to have generated huge amounts of research and comment.

Colonialism and its Legacy


Through research of identity oppression, education, sociology, health, environment, economy, and religion and spirituality these authors explore the legacies of colonialism, its ongoing effects, and decolonizing and uprooting colonialism.

Communication and Trust

This site brings together the latest research and resources from SAGE, covering cross-disciplinary issues including media ethics, credibility, agenda-setting, fake news, and more.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Research

This collection is providing the latest medical research from SAGE related to the virus, as well as top social and behavioral research, to help individuals, communities, and leaders make the best decisions on dealing with the pandemic and its consequences. Content on this site is free to access.

Mental Health Awareness

Cutting-edge research including recently published articles, special issues, videos and much more, to drive, educate and support mental health awareness to help improve the quality of care provided.

LGBTQIA+ Research

The work of medical, social, and behavioral sciences plays a key role in deepening our understanding of inequalities and current issues in the LGBTQIA+ community, while also helping to create policies, practices, and procedures to improve lives. This collection of research, videos, and books takes a look at Queer Theory, Gender Identity, Queer Justice, Hegemonic Heterosexuality, Sexual Orientation, and more.

Patient Experience

A patient’s experience is not limited to their interactions with doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff members but also includes their experience in seeking and receiving care, how easily accessible it is to gather information as well as their communication experience with the health care providers.

Research and ideas aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

It is crucial that impactful research is felt far beyond the boundaries of academia to help transform and radically alter society for the better. Research knowledge that reforms education, improves our built environment, and promotes sustainable practices while reducing widespread inequality. The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide an international framework to measure societies biggest challenges. This collection gathers articles to support and amplify key themes of the UN SDGs.

SAGE Inspire: Research that Makes a Difference

As the world’s foremost independent social science publisher, SAGE strives to publish high quality scholarship that transforms our understanding of individuals, groups, and cultures, and addresses the local, national and global challenges of our age.  This site presents a broad range of research, curated by SAGE’s own journal editors, who based their nominations on the extent of the content’s real-world impact.

Sexual Harassment

While #MeToo, Time’s Up, and the National Women’s March have intensified the pressure to address the injustice of sexual harassment in the workplace, campus, street, and government, the academic community has a long history of researching the subject. This website furthers this conversation by sharing decades of free SAGE research on sexual harassment, sexual violence, rape culture, and assessment of trauma.

Structural Racism and Police Violence

This collection shares freely accessible articles to support researchers in future scholarship and amplify their critical work; educators as they discuss the impacts of systemic racism with students; and policymakers and advocates in their fight to make sweeping reform. Content of this site is free to access.

Sage, the parent of Social Science Space, is a global academic publisher of books, journals, and library resources with a growing range of technologies to enable discovery, access, and engagement. Believing that research and education are critical in shaping society, 24-year-old Sara Miller McCune founded Sage in 1965. Today, we are controlled by a group of trustees charged with maintaining our independence and mission indefinitely. 

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