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SAGE Publishing (the parent of Social Science Space) has launched a new Teaching & Learning hub with a range of free resources for instructors, librarians, and students. Below you can read about the different resources available and how SAGE are partnering with educators, supporting skills adoption, and empowering fresh and diverse voices.

The topics covered include:

  • Partnering with educators
    • Browse SAGE’s suite of online teaching and learning platforms, which are developed in partnership with faculty to meet the changing needs of instructors and students. Open access resources include a white paper on supporting students to develop critical thinking skills, advice on online teaching, and a white paper on how to use video to foster student engagement.
  • Pioneering voices & content
    • In this sampling of authors’ voices and pedagogical perspectives you’ll find examples of how SAGE works with authors to empower fresh approaches to pedagogy. From a free-to-download book examining the psychology of the COVID-19 pandemic, to a collection of videos from social and behavioral scientists discussing the ‘real-world’ impact of their research, and a panel discussion discussing fake news in the post-Trump era.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Watch a webinar on best practices in positioning underrepresented minority students for success in college, learn about decolonizing and decisnormatizing the higher education system, and get suggestions on having conversations about race in the classroom. You can also find out more about steps SAGE are taking to increase the diversity of their content and develop their teaching and learning resources to represent all more equitably.

The new Teaching & Learning hub includes links to SAGE’s critical thinking hub and a resource page for online teaching and learning.

The page will be updated continuously with free content, so make sure to check back for updates.

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