Webinar: Exploring the Social Dimensions of the Climate Crisis

In an upcoming webinar on September 28, the Campaign for Social Science and SAGE Publishing (the parent of Social Science Space) will explore the urgent need to combine both social and technological solutions to address the challenges of climate change. 

The event will examine how social science offers evidence-based perspectives that can help deepen our understanding of the climate change crisis and how efforts surrounding sustainability are achievable. In order to properly address climate change, we will need to combine social and technological solutions and this event will explore how and why we should develop more cross-disciplinary approaches to finding and implementing solutions to this global challenge. 

Moderated by Bobby Duffy, chair of the Campaign for Social Science, the speakers — Patrick Devine-Wright, professor In human geography at University of Exeter; Lord Deben, chair of the Climate Change Committee; Lorraine Whitmarsh, professor of environmental psychology at the University of Bath; Shaun Spiers, executive director of Green Alliance; and Lord Adair Turner, chair of the Energy Transitions Commission – will provide an insightful and actionable conversation. 

This free event is being held on Wednesday, September 28 from 3-4:30 pm BST. Registration is open now

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Hailey Lanford

Hailey Lanford is a senior at The George Washington University, studying English and linguistics. She is a SAGE global communications intern, Virginia Young Poets in the Community fellow, and enjoys exploring Washington, D.C.

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