Campaign for Social Science

Vital Business cover detail

New Report: The Social Sciences are Vital for Business

The Campaign for Social Science’s new report, Vital Business: The Essential Role of Social Sciences in the UK Private Sector, argues that social science knowledge and expertise are key to understanding market opportunities and constraints and also helps in understanding current and future consumer behaviors.

2 weeks ago
Paul Johnson at lecture

Economist Paul Johnson Says the Known Knowns Are Killing Us

Paul Johnson had one key theme in his SAGE Publishing lecture for the Campaign for Social Science: Long-term policy needs to be developed across government based on a broad understanding of the social and economic trends. And there is little evidence that this lesson is being heeded.

2 years ago

Report: Math Skills Increasingly Important for Social Science Grads

A new report from Britain’s Campaign for Social Science, Positive Prospects: Careers for Social Scientists and Why Data and Number Skills Matter, argues that at least for the social sciences, graduates in the United Kingdom can find work and will make as much as the body of physical science and technology graduates that are held up as the most marketable.

2 years ago

Campaign for Social Science Adds Four to Board

Britain’s Campaign for Social Science has announced the appointment of four new board members, drawing on extensive research, public policy and practitioner social science expertise.

3 years ago
Louise Richardson

Louise Richardson: Educational Divide Fuels Corrosive Populism

Speaking before a sell-out audience of policymakers, journalists and academics in Whitehall, Louise Richardson FAcSS, vice chancellor of the University of Oxford, said we must bridge the educational divide to prevent populism for threatening democracy

3 years ago
Wales assembly

Campaign Releases Toolkit for Demonstrating Impact

An online tool aimed at helping researchers demonstrate their work’s impact to policymakers has been launched by the Campaign for Social Science in collaboration with Cardiff University. While it’s focused on Wales, the toolkit is seen as a template for working with other governments

3 years ago

Health of People: Prevention and Behavior Change

‘There isn’t one of the major health care conditions which isn’t related to human behavior,’ says Susan Michie,the chair of the Health of People working group. Which leads to a very obvious policy and practice conclusion …

3 years ago

Social Science and Health Service Delivery

A pending report from the Campaign for Social Science, titled, “The Health of People,” will make the case about the importance of social and behavioral science to health policy and practice in Britain. A video from the report’s contributors teases some of the arguments that will be made.

4 years ago
Beth Simone Noveck

Enough of Experts? Data, Democracy and the Future of Expertise

Expertise in governing has been under attack, argues Beth Simone Noveck, but not just in recent demagogic attacks on “the elites.” For years, she explains in the annual SAGE/Campaign for Social Science lecture delivered November 22 in London, the expertise of the populace has been structurally excluded from the levers of power.

4 years ago