Achilleas Kostoulas

Achilleas Kostoulas an early-career academic, currently working towards the completion of a PhD in education at The University of Manchester. His research uses complexity theory to understand foreign language pedagogy in the “periphery” of the English-speaking world, i.e., those places where the English language is not used natively or officially, but it is nevertheless extensively and intensively taught. In the past, he worked at the Epirus Institute of Technology, where he was responsible for the delivery of courses in English language and language teacher education.

Univerity of Nottingham library

Fake Papers are Not the Real Problem in Science

Hoax papers, whether meant as a corrective demonstration or for more malign purposes, are a high-profile issue in academic publishing. But Achilleas Kostoulas argues that something more pernicious derived from a ‘culture of accountability’ is dogging the industry.

9 years ago