Amelia Hadfield

Amelia Hadfield is head of the Department of Politics, and chair in European and international affairs, at the University of Surrey. Previously she worked as Director of the Centre for European Studies, a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Canterbury Christ Church University, after positions in Brussels at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and the Institute for European Studies, where she directed the Euromaster degree, as well as the Educational Development.

Image from old box game of risk shows Ukraine

What Can Game Theory Tell Us About Ukraine War Negotiations?

Game theory is the formal study of strategic choices between two sides. It’s useful to decision makers because it can illustrate the range of options open to combatants within a given crisis, and also map the likely “wins and losses” strategically decided upon by the parties involved. The challenge is applying a hypothetical spectrum to the range of passive and aggressive options, and their consequences in Ukraine today.

1 year ago