Andreas Wallo , Jason Martin, Gun Sparrhoff, and Henrik Kock

Andreas Wallo is an Associate Professor in Education and the co-director for the HELIX Competence Centre at Linköping University. His research interests include leadership and managerial work, workplace learning, HR-management and development. Jason Martin researches and teaches at Linköping University how organisations, in change, can accommodate both adaption and production logics together with innovation and development logics in a sustainable and successful way. Gun Sparrhoff is a senior lecturer at Linköping University, under the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning and the Division of Education and Sociology. Henrik Kock is a Doctor of Philosophy and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Behavioural Science and learning at Linköping University and at the HELIX.

Putting a Critical Perspective to Use in Management Education

The authors of a new paper on management education were motivated to pursue this research because we felt that critical thinking and the importance of having a critical approach were treated too narrowly in the traditional leadership and management literature.

1 year ago