Anne-Wil Harzing

Anne-Wil Harzing is professor of international management at Middlesex University, London and visiting professor of international management at Tilburg University. Her research interests include international human resource management, expatriate management, HQ-subsidiary relationships, cross-cultural management, transfer of HRM practices, the role of language in international business, the international research process, and the quality and impact of academic research. She is a fellow of the Academy of International Business and a founding member of CYGNA, a network of female scholars in the London area.

Drops impact

Impact ≠ Impact ≠ Impact 

In this second response to Ziyad Marar’s thought piece “On Measuring Social Science Impact” from Organizational Studies, Anne-Wil Harzing, professor of international management and staff development lead at Middlesex University Business School, sets the stage for further discussion by defining impact in terms of progressing scientific knowledge, developing critical thinking, and addressing societal problems. 

6 months ago