Ann M. Cheney

Ann Cheney is faculty in the Department of Social Medicine Population and Public Health at the University of California Riverside School of Medicine. She is a medical anthropologist with research experience in health services research and conducts community based participatory research. Cheney’s current work focuses on the impact of structural in health with a focus on Latinos in rural communities. She is the director of HABLAMoS (Hispanic and Bilingual Longitudinal Ambulatory Medical Studies), a four-year program for medical students that focuses on Spanish language acquisition and studies in cultural and structural competence. She is faculty supervisor of the Global Health at Home group and oversees the Coachella Valley Free Clinics.

Ann Cheney with clinic staff

COVID Can Change How We See and Use Research

In the wake of COVID-19, researchers can become trusted figures of authority who can purposely use their institutional privilege and re-appropriate their research networks, skills and knowledge to better the lives of vulnerable populations during a pandemic.

3 years ago