Catherine Loveday

Catherine Loveday is a graduate of the University of Westminster (formerly PCL) who began her career with a PhD in the neuropsychology of memory and ageing, and continues to focus on the nature of normal and impaired memory, in particular autobiographical memory. Her particular area of expertise lies in cognitive assessment (especially memory and executive function) and the use of cognitive profiling for the diagnosis and clinical management of hydrocephalus, anorexia nervosa, traumatic brain injury and dementia. Loveday is also an active member of the BPS, as deputy chair to the Standing Conference Committee, a member of the editorial committee for The Psychologist and a member of the Research Board.

Brain Scans are Fascinating But Behavior Tells Us More

In a pair of views from our partner site The Conversation, two exponents of brain research discuss the utility of brain scan technology. Here Catherine Loveday suggests that observational methods are still more valuable.

9 years ago