Author: Charles Crimson and Hema Preya Salvanathan

One of the core themes guiding Hema Preya Salvanathan's (pictured) work is that equality, justice, and peace is often achieved through sustained group-based efforts. Her PhD research culminated in three lines of research on intergroup relations and social change: 1) Why are people, especially those that are more advantaged in society, motivated to engage in collective action for intergroup justice and equality? 2) How do groups with different levels of power and privilege build effective solidarity for a common cause? 3) What is the psychological impact of collective action for social change on broader society? In doing this work, Hema draws inspiration from ongoing social problems and she is passionate about translating social problems into testable research questions. Charles R. Crimson.

Societal Polarization and COVID-19: Excerpt from ‘Together Apart’
August 27, 2020

Societal Polarization and COVID-19: Excerpt from ‘Together Apart’

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