Jennifer Chubb and Gemma Derrick

Jennifer Chubb (pictured) is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of York. Chubb's research career to date has focused on the philosophy and politics of research, identities and research cultures, research impact and science policy and advice. She has a particular interest in the impact and ethical implications of emerging technologies. Her current research focuses on the impact of artificial intelligence and related digital technologies. Gemma Derrick is a senior lecturer and director of research at the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University. Derrick's research focuses on the dynamics of knowledge production and how researchers create, conform and participate in evaluative cultures within academia. She has a particular specialty in the evaluation Impact using peer review and its role in the academic governance system.

Gender Plays a Role in Research Impact and Assessment

Drawing on evidence from qualitative datasets, comprising interviews with researchers and research impact evaluators, Jennifer Chubband Gemma Derrickargue that the language of research impact and assessment is frequently structured along gender lines.

3 years ago