Ellen Hutti and Jenine Harris

Ellen T. Hutti is a master's of public health candidate at Washington University in St Louis. She is interested in health equity, public policy and access to opportunity. Jenine K. Harris is an associate professor at Washington University in St Louis. Her methodological area of expertise is social network analysis, with a particular interest in statistical modeling of social networks, which she has used to identify gaps in path between discovery and delivery in scientific research and public health practice.

To Better Serve Students and Future Workforces, We Must Diversify the Syllabi

Ellen Hutti and Jenine Harris have quantified the extent to which female authors are represented in assigned course readings. In this blog post, they emphasize that more equal exposure to experts with whom they can identify will better serve our students and foster the growth, diversity and potential of this future workforce. They also present one repository currently being built for readings by underrepresented authors that are Black, Indigenous or people of color.

2 years ago