Erinma Ochu

Erinma Ochu is a Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow based in Life Sciences at The University of Manchester. She holds a PhD in neuroscience and previously worked on Catalyst at Lancaster University. She is a co-investigator on the Cultural Values of Digging and Everyday Growing Cultures. She tweets @erinmaochu

Post-its signify citizen input

Citizen Scientists Should Have a Home in the Social Sciences, Too

Citizen social science calls on experts and the public to re-evaluate their roles in addressing social problems. Erinma Ochu, a social neuroscientist, elucidates the opportunities on offer when experts let the public in on the business of addressing these pervasive challenges. Real learning comes in the social life of the method – in the practice of listening, trying and often failing to collaborate – trying again and getting into the rhythm of the issue, together.

9 years ago