Ina Ganguli, Michael E. Rose, Oleksandra Ivascchenko, and Stefano Horst Buraffaldi

Ina Ganguli (pictured) is an associate professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Michael E. Rose is a senior research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition an a co-founder of #ScienceForUkraine; Oleksandra Ivashchenko is a medical physicist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and a co-founder of #ScienceForUkraine; and Stefano Horst Baruffaldi is an associate professor in economics and management of innovation at the Polytechnic University of Milan.

An urban street covered in rubble and loose wires

History Offers Way Forward for Ukrainian Scientific System

Research shows that local and international policymakers can minimize the harm suffered by Ukrainian science by providing direct funding to researchers, creating remote research positions and offering research opportunities abroad to Ukrainian scientists.

2 months ago