Gert Jan Hofstede

Gert Jan Hofstede is professor of 'artificial sociality' at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. He is an active researcher, a committed teacher, and - at least that is what people tell him - an inspiring teacher. He is the founder of Silico Centre Wageningen and an advocate of agent-based modelling as a means of clarifying the complexity and dynamics of socio-ecological and socio-technical systems.

Gert Jan Hofstede and Geert Hofstede

Geert Hofstede: A Paradigm’s Paternity

The son of famed social scientist Geert Hofstede argues the his father’s most important book, In the 40 years since publication, has gone through a Kuhnian cycle: anathema – revelation – normal science. It’s not over yet.

2 years ago