Cynthia Golembeski and Matthew Bakko

Cynthia Golembeski is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Research Scholar earning a doctorate in urban and social policy at the New School and completing a law degree. She uses mixed methods to analyze how policy, law, ethics, and management operate at the nexus of criminal legal and health systems. Related research focuses on social safety net policies as determinants of health and safety. Matthew Bakko is a PhD candidate in social work and sociology at the University of Michigan. He is an organizational scholar with a critical concern for how social service systems, organizations, and providers advance both oppression and liberation

Street view of strip mall presence for S&H Bail Bonds

Social Scientists Explain Community Bail Funds

Community vail funds are set up as a way to help the more than 80 percent of the over 650,000 people in jail in the U.S. have not been convicted and are presumed innocent but can’t afford bail.

1 year ago