John-Erik Hansson, Nguyen Vu Thuc Linh and Ola Innset

John-Erik Hansson is a PhD student in history at the European University Institute in Florence, where he works on the radical thinker and author, William Godwin (1756-1836). Nguyen Vu Thuc Linh is a PhD student at European University Institute studying the writings and unpublished prison letters of Jacek Kuroń (1934-2004), one of the most Polish engaged activists after WWII. Ola Innset is a history researcher at the European University, and has published two books in Norwegian: Lisboa (2013) and Franz Borkenau (2014).

education is not commodity sign

Young Scholars Fear for the University of Their Future

Universities are at a crossroads. Pushed by governments who want institutions to dominate in the competitive, globalized world of higher education, they are also struggling with questions about academic freedom in the face of the pressures of marketization. Here a group of young PhD students argue for more debate about the kind of places universities are becoming.

8 years ago