Jalees Rehman

Jalees Rehman is a cell biologist, physiologist and a physician. His stem cell research laboratory at the University of Illinois studies the metabolism and differentiation of stem cells. He has also worked on research projects related to cardiovascular biology, immunology, psychology, endocrinology, neuroscience, sleep-wake cycles and biological time. In addition to his research, He is also interested in the philosophy of science, science journalism, science communication as well as broader questions that relate to contemporary culture and philosophy.

Is There a Need for Novelty in Science?

In a recent survey of over 1,500 scientists, more than 70 percent of them reported having been unable to reproduce other scientists’ findings at least once. Reproducibility of findings is a core foundation of science and realizing how difficult it is to assess novelty should give funding agencies and scientists pause. Progress in science depends on new discoveries and following unexplored paths – but solid, reproducible research requires an equal emphasis on the robustness of the work.

5 years ago

To Err Is Human, To Study Errors Is Science

The possible retraction of a high profile paper in the medical sciences offers a teachable moment about replication, peer review, cognitive bias and the beauty and beastliness that can be science.

9 years ago