James Hartley

James Hartley is emeritus professor in the School of Psychology at Keele University, UK. The interrelated themes of his research have been concerned with student learning, the design of instructional text, and academic writing, and he has published widely in each of these areas, including the 2008 book Academic Writing and Publishing: A Practical Handbook. He is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and the British Psychological Society, and serves on the editorial boards of five academic journals. Hartley has an h index of 47.

Book Review: Scholarly Communication and Measuring Research – What Does Everyone Need to Know?

Academics are required to not only find effective ways to communicate their research, but also to increasingly measure and quantify its quality, impact and reach. In Scholarly Communication: What Everyone Needs to Know, Rick Anderson puts us in the picture. And in Measuring Research: What Everyone Needs to Know, Cassidy Sugimoto and Vincent Lariviere critically assess over 20 tools currently available for evaluating the quality of research.

4 years ago

What’s the Best Day to Submit an Academic Article?

Large data sets can now be quickly analyzed to assess whether or not certain features, previously deemed unimportant, can actually affect the chances of a research paper being accepted for publication. In this post, James Hartley looks at new research on weekly submission dates.

4 years ago

Referencing References to Reduce Publication Errors

Every now and again a paper is published on the number of errors made in academic articles.  These papers document the frequency of conceptual errors, factual errors, errors in abstracts, errors in quotations, and errors in reference lists. James Hartley reports that the data are alarming, but suggests a possible way of reducing them. Perhaps in future there might be a single computer program that matches references in the text with correct (pre-stored) references as one writes the text.

9 years ago